2023: A Growing List of "Never Before"

John Stanton |

From our January Client Note


2023:  A Growing List of “Never Before”


2023 proved to be a year that produced a number of “never seen before” events.

Parts of the economy have stayed in contraction while others remained strong or have improved.

One measure of today’s economic climate that is in uncharted territory is the spread between how individual consumers feel about the current economic situation versus their expectations for the future.

In 2023, it has bounced around some of the lowest levels in its history. When this difference remains depressed for extended periods of time, it signals that consumers’ confidence in the future is not very positive. If this negativity carries over into actual spending, the probability of a recession rises dramatically.


Investment Themes


The Investment Themes section reviews longer term ideas that may serve as a starting point for investment decisions within client portfolios.  These themes can change without notice, but are generally longer term. We actively manage client portfolios during the month, and any ideas underlying portfolio changes will not be shown until later published notes.  



Long Treasury bonds. Should rally as the recession takes hold and the Fed eventually eases credit.


Remain cautious on stocks in general as earnings decline, and the Fed keeps interest rates higher for longer than was assumed earlier. Stocks have risen along with Treasurys as soft-landing hopes persist.

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If technical and fundamental data deteriorate further, then increasing defensive positions, with small short position in equities will buffer the downside.


Steer clear of speculative stocks such as SPACs and crypto securities as speculations continue to blow up.


The “Magnificent Seven” growth stocks appear very vulnerable, be cautious on taking on these high- flyers.


Avoid China ,  with a  weakening economy,  collapsing residential and commercial real estate sector, and challenged relations with the U.S.  

Agriculture:   Producing a more nutrient dense food crop has many benefits to society,  not the least of which is            reducing healthcare costs in the U.S.  Investment opportunities in companies that enable a transition to                          farming  methods at scale enabling this goal is one of the growth areas for possible consideration.   

Hold extra cash to avoid market losses and prepare for eventual economic and financial market recoveries. This strategy still seems appropriate to us.  Cracks in the employment market and above-Fed-target inflation imply delayed credit ease even if the Fed is done  raising interest rates.

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