Developing an effective financial plan is no easy task, and the process can be quite complex. 

You deserve to have an advisor with the proper skills, knowledge, and motivation to help you avoid common pitfalls and make prudent decisions.

Fiduciary Standard

As a fiduciary, your interests come first.  We deliver comprehensive planning, providing transparency on portfolios, investments, and fees.  We remain independent from any bank, broker dealer, insurance company, or custodian.   Client performance returns are measured using independent third parties.  We do not physically hold or possess any client assets, securities, or money.  

Focus on Relationships

We truly get to know you and your family.  By building long term relationships, with a limited number of clients, we are able to work on what matters most to you. We ensure that we take our time, getting to know what is truly important to our clients, and deliver effective solutions to those priorities.

Client Centered, Objective, Experience

We provide in-depth knowledge and experience to support every detail of the wealth management process.  Our independent advice and customized client service has been supporting clients in the Midwest since 2005.

Industry Change

The nature of the industry has been altered dramatically over the past four years. We have been bombarded with changes to the investing world almost too numerous to mention.  Our biggest concern was seeking out a safe, secure, and transparent clearing agent to custody our clients’ assets.  After conducting a thorough search, and due diligence, we determined that clearing and custody provided by Charles Schwab would offer all of the above, to help our practice continue to deliver on our mission to our clients.

Open and Fully Transparent

Our approach to financial advice is open and honest. We are transparent with every client and work closely with them to create individualized, comprehensive plans that are best suited to their individual preferences and situation.

Professional Excellence

We provide a high standard of excellence and advice that will guide our clients where they want to go.  We never lose sight of what’s most important in helping them achieve their family priorities.

Control Overall Fees

Many financial products have less than transparent fees.   By utilizing individual security selection and separate account management, for constructing your portfolio, advisory fees are minimized when compared to the average.

Ongoing Client Service

By working with a limited number of clients, we are able to provide a “Four Seasons” experience to our clients.   Our goal is to make every one of our clients feel like they are our only client.

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