Who Do We Work With?

Typical clients are neither speculative nor high risk. Rather, they are concerned with preserving capital, growing assets, and avoiding the myriad of risks found in today’s investment environment.


Sample Client Case Summaries


Business Professional Couple

Professional couple, with executive careers, who have grown children, were looking for assistance and ideas to manage their portfolio.

What We Did

Prepared a comprehensive wealth management plan that pulled together the management of their portfolio, along with estate planning, protection, and liability management. Two years into the relationship, the great recession started, equity markets plummeted, and the credit crisis peaked.

By having a plan in place, they were able to successfully manage a job change during the recession,along with a business start-up, without compromising their initial retirement and lifestyle goals.

We continue to serve as their primary advisor, as they transition into retirement.


Closely Held Business Owner

Our client serves as CEO of a successful small business, and is a minority share owner. Because he devoted so much time to managing, and growing his business, he had accumulated a variety of different types of investments, with no clear plan based on his objectives. Through our planning process, we helped him accomplish the following:

What We Did

Consolidated the management of his existing assets, assessing current holdings, and developed a diversified, transparent portfolio.

Established a retirement plan for his business, that was cost effective, and tax efficient. As his business became more successful, his personal income taxes were becoming exceedingly complex, and required more of his time. We coordinated a relationship with one of our tax planning partners that allowed him to delegate this task comfortably. He also had a need for a personal business attorney, to review contracts with sources of funding for his business, and his employment contract with the majority share owner. We arranged an introduction to one of our attorney business partners who specialize in these areas.

Finally, we assisted him with setting up a college savings plan in tax advantaged investment vehicles,and serve as his primary advisor on a number of financial matters, including business financing, liability management, and estate planning.


Husband and Wife, Looking For a Plan

Two income couple, wife was employed by a major public company. Her husband was a career police officer. They came to us looking to develop a financial plan that would enable them to retire in 10 years.

What We Did

During the planning process, we helped them both understand what they needed on a monthly basis to maintain their lifestyle.

As part of a comprehensive wealth plan, we determined the rate of return needed, and set up an investment management plan to meet their goals.We helped them diversify away from individual employer stock in their 401 K plan, evaluated the pension plan, and coordinated their estate plan.

We developed a retirement plan that took into account a public pension that would not be indexed toinflation.    

4 years into the relationship, the company’s stock declined significantly, which would have put theirretirement at risk.    

They just completed their first year in retirement, and are looking forward to many more.