Investment Management

Too many advisors rely on cookie cutter portfolios built with only mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds. 

We believe the best path to investing is the most direct path, so we avoid outsourcing investment management to third parties whenever possible.  This allows you to “know what you own”, reduces your expenses, and increases transparency.

The Importance of Risk Management

Most investors are familiar with the concept of Compounding Interest and how it increases returns over time.  It is one of the simplest but most powerful forces in all of investing.  However, most investors fail to realize the damaging power of “reverse” compounding.  For example, a -20% loss requires a gain of +25% to get back to even.  However, in a more severe bear market like 2000-02 or 2007-09, the S&P 500 can lose -50% or more  – which requires a +100% gain to fully recover!  As losses become more extreme, so does the effect of reverse compounding. 

We believe that minimizing the portfolio effects from these extreme bear market downturns is the key to long term financial success. 

Permanent Loss of Capital

Each investment alternative has a different level of risk of a permanent, or temporary loss of capital. Our process seeks to understand what type of risk, and to minimize the possibility of a permanent loss of capital.

Independent Research

Our process uses truly independent sources of investment research and information, which eliminates the conflicts of interest.  By drawing on these independent research firms specializing in different areas of expertise, we can develop unique insight when executing client’s investment strategy.

Your Next Steps

A no-cost, no-commitment portfolio review

We’ll provide you with a thorough, objective assessment of your current investments. You’ll learn the amount of risk you are taking, the fees you are paying, and the quality of the investments you own. We will also provide you with our recommendations and proposed alternatives, including our strategy of risk management, and ways to reduce the chance of experiencing a permanent loss of capital.

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