Plan First 

Your needs are discussed in detail during our client planning meetings. These confidential conversations provide the foundation for a wise investment strategy and are designed to give a sense of comfort as one seeks to meet their investment goals. 

We believe strongly that investment strategy should be coupled with prudent financial planning.  As a practice dedicated to working together with our clients, we offer consultation in a number of financial areas, serving as a coordinator with other professionals, to ensure your plan is implemented in a professional, timely manner. 

Investment Philosophy 

Every portfolio is designed from the financial plan, which is the base of the relationship.


Our four pillars of portfolio construction are:

Asset Allocation  

Proper asset class diversification based on a client's time horizon and risk tolerance is our starting point.  We take it one step further, by not only looking at past performance of asset classes, but also look at how asset classes could perform looking forward, based on current economic events, and worst case scenarios.  

Know What You Own

We look to uncover long term, sustainable investment themes, and the best in class companies within those themes. Through our analysis, and our outside investment managers, we look to construct the risk based side of a portfolio positioned in businesses that can best take advantage of these themes. 

Buy at the Right Price

The purchase of common stocks, bonds, preferred securities, and convertible preferred securities represents a piece in the ownership structure of a business, and therefore, has an actual value based on the overall value of that business.  Securities of strong, industry leaders should be purchased when they trade below their fair market value. 

Control Portfolio Risk

We control overall portfolio risk by focusing on the first 3 tenants of our philosophy, and ongoing adjustment to portfolios, based on the overall macro environment. We also believe a family can control market type risk events by not being overly concentrated in any given asset class.