Here’s what you can expect as we get started:

Listen & Learn
An initial meeting allows us to learn about you and share our approach to investment management. No costs. No commitments. Just a conversation.

Analyze & Plan
We proceed with a thorough and objective analysis of your current investments and prepare a consolidated summary of our findings. You’ll learn what you’re doing well and where you could do better relative to your stated needs and goals.

Next, we develop a proposal based on your needs, along with the cost of those services.

Financial planning can be done independently or as an additional resource to help you better understand the details of your financial future.

Agree & Transition
Once we agree on the best strategy and you formally engage us as your advisor, we facilitate the transfer of assets, ensuring every transition is as tax-efficient as possible. We will work directly with your accountant, attorney and other advisors as needed.

Implement & Support
We will reinvest your assets based on our agreed plan of action. We will also:

  • Immediately re-establish any automatic deposits or withdrawals tied to your bank
  • Show you how to access your accounts online
  • Walk you through your new statement and reports
  • Verify your paperless preferences for statements, etc.
  • Establish periodic review meetings
  • Maintain ongoing communication based on your preferences

Review & Update
In most cases, we will meet with you semi-annually to review your portfolio and address any new needs or changes. We typically update financial plans every few years, or when a significant life event occurs.

Let’s get started