The Value Of A Long-Term Care Plan [VIDEO]

John Stanton |

By John Stanton

How much thought have you given to your long-term care plan? Who will take care of you when you aren’t able to do so yourself? What do you want your life to look like when you need some outside help? Whether you’re helping your elderly parents make some decisions or thinking about your future, you can’t put a price on the value of having a long-term care plan. 

Oftentimes, a care decision has to be made because of an emergency situation. In those cases, without the luxury of time, your options can be limited and you could end up financially strained. If you plan ahead, you or your parents can call the shots on what will happen, which will result in a decision that brings peace and confidence for everyone involved. 

For more insight into why it’s important to have a long-term care plan, I invite you to watch my interview with Annalee Kruger, the founder and president of Care Right, Inc., a concierge for senior care planning. 

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