3 Reasons to Consider The Stanton Group WP for Professional Retirement Income Planning

John Stanton |

While there are many valuable reasons to use a professional when planning for retirement, these are the Top 3 Reasons why you might want to consider using The Stanton Group WP (SGWP) for Retirement Income Planning.


                Reason #1   Risk Management….

Managing risk, in the critical years right before, and especially once in retirement, is an important part of maximizing the probability of success.  At SGWP, our Core and Protect strategy, along with Income Risk Management, has a proven, long term track record of success.


Reason #2   Experience….

Over 2 decades of helping clients retire, and stay retired. Our clients tend to be conservative, hardworking, professionals, who define the way they want to live. Helping keep the lifestyle they have defined is what we do.   


                Reason #3   Fiduciary Advisor….

We are fiduciaries, legally required to act in your best interest. We conduct our own research, build our own portfolios, and design and implement strategies based on a client’s unique needs. 


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